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It was drizzle on that day rather than humidity.  I think the rain had stopped by the time of the demolition but I’d stood about 90 minutes waiting and holding an umbrella over the camera for much of the time! Plus the focal length was 200mm so that obviously added to haze, being about a mile from the site, but it was the closest unobstructed vantage point I could find outside the evacuation zone.

If you’re curious to see the buildings on a clear day- putting this reference in Google Maps search will bring up the location (Google Earth has 3D models in arial view) :  55.879925,-4.208462

Personally I think its a pity they’re blowing them all down instead of renovating into luxury flats because there is something iconic about them (they were the tallest residential structures in Europe when they were built) and I’ve seen uglier listed buildings from the same era (listed in the UK generally means its illegal to demolish because of historic or architectural interest unless in danger of collapse).

I have to admit I quite like haze in images sometimes, especially in vistas where it has a graduated effect leading into the distance like in these examples (I had to run to escape a torrential thunder and lightning storm about 5 mins after taking the second one):




As regards PS I will look more into what other photographers who use it are doing as I haven’t done so for a while. Quite a lot seem to have prints and licence sales on the the same site (though not necessarily the same images) but I gather a lot of Photoshelter users tend to use it as a download facility for clients and those they’ve contacted on spec rather than being solely a vehicle to bring in sales per se.  I understand PS are looking at ways to overcome that though and drive more traffic to users sites.  So with that in mind, plus the fact I’ve only just upgraded to a Nikon D7000, it seems a good time for some major curating.

As regards duplicating archives I just think it a bit inefficient compared with running multiple sites off a single back-end but I may look into Graph Paper Press (or Beam once its out of Beta test).