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Going through one of your galleries later, I saw you had a few more with the same treatment.  I had a couple of photos that looked a lot like those, but they were the result of a hard drive that crashed.  I don’t think I have the damaged ones any more.  I replaced them from a back-up.  But when I saw your photos, I had a flash-back.

I liked where I got to with the buildings, I thought it made the grass too green and the red house to the building’s left was standing out more than I wanted.  Not knowing what the scene is supposed to look like, it was my best guess.  Hong Kong frequently has high humidity which gets in my way when I visit.  Other places like Beijing have pollution.  Sometimes we have brown air, here, too.  My objective is to cut through as much of that haze as possible, which may make the objects in the photo look better than they do in real life.  I don’t see that as a bad thing as long as they are not misrepresented.

Newspapers typically have printing issues, between the paper quality and speed at which they have to print.  I would rather my photos looked like they belonged in National Geographic or Sports Illustrated than in a newspaper!

It sounds like you are more than a little familiar with shooting stock.

I wouldn’t consider duplicating archives to be a problem.  The last 4TB drive I purchased was less than $200.  Really, the duplication would be on the PS servers?  Unless the account has a charge that is not easily recovered through sales, I would set up duplicate accounts, or a second account with some other host.