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Thanks for the feedback folks I will certainly take this on board and consider the points you have raised.

One or two points I would like to respond with.

CC the green file is not damaged it was rendered that way as I was experimenting with tinted monochrome images.

As regards the adjusted image you posted,  to my eye it looks a little over saturated/contrast (albeit artistic) and the colours are deeper than those buildings actually appear in good light (they’re pretty drab which is why they’re all coming down over the next few years even though there’s nothing structural wrong with them, just a failed experiment of 1960s urban planning). These images were taken primarily with editorial usage in mind and it my understanding that manipulation of editorial images tends to be frowned upon. I understand World Press Photo has changed its competition rules as this year’s winning image was disputed because of the amount of post production.

Alas cloudy, poor visibility days are not something we are short of in the UK and I have to say I’ve seen duller images in newspapers.

The issue you raised with the title “Boats” this is the gallery name displayed here and not the title of the image – confusing perhaps but that is the way Photoshelter’s default gallery display is configured – maybe something that should redesigned in light of your comment.

For what it’s worth I do have about 1,400 images on Shutterstock (I stopped submitting a while ago because I’m not doing RF for pennies any more and also pulled about 300+ images from iStock) and about 5,000 (mostly RM) on Alamy.


I admit I do have concerns about having stock/prints in the same basket so to speak, for the most part because the markets for these are completely different – something PS is yet to offer a convenient solution to other than setting up two accounts which would involve considerable duplication of archiving.  On the other hand it seems a waste not to use all of the sales tools they have on offer. Nevertheless a strategic review is certainly in order.