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You have a damaged file:  http://dunmaglas.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Red-Road-Demolition/G00000P0wcmRv7hM/I0000Et3e2FEd7Yo  It’s green in the thumbnail and also the larger image!

The whole set appears to be out of the camera, on a cloudy, humid, low contrast day.  This is an original:


And what it looks like after a few minutes of adjustment:


It’s still not where I would really want it to be, but I hope you agree it is improved, and see the possibilities?

The collage on your home page offers hope that the photos inside will be good, but there is some let down when you get into the individual galleries.  In this one (http://dunmaglas.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Boats/G0000N8GoH4daFxg/I0000w2Qqx5Y.pRg) for instance the building is not square, the left wall is leaning in.

It looks like you are hoping to assemble a micro stock site featuring your own work.  I fear if you submitted to ShutterStock or Getty, your work would be rejected.

There are several like this (http://dunmaglas.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Boats/G0000N8GoH4daFxg/I00004bLv8RXv1lg) for which the title is “Boats” but the subject could easily be “Derelict Dock”.

I will agree with IHF that I’m not getting the vibe that it is a pro site.  I will disagree with her, however, regarding multiple shots of the same thing.  If you are putting together a portfolio, she is completely correct.  But, if you are putting together a stock site, then multiple photos that are just different enough is a pretty reasonable path.