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Of the last bunch I like http://dunmaglas.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/2013-12-11-Glasgow/G0000h7CHyH0GiAg/I0000mefcdj8LLjs/C0000RJnjDQFX1dg, best.

I’ve been looking at http://dunmaglas.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/2013-12-11-Glasgow/G0000h7CHyH0GiAg/I0000A9oF59hzPYA/C0000RJnjDQFX1dg, for a while.  Try cropping it to a panorama.  Cut the bottom off from the top of the box in your logo.  Cut the top off leaving about 3/4 of a streetlight height above the building venting steam.

It might work even better if you can get a shot of the whole bridge on a windless night with perfectly calm water so the reflections are not distorted.  A bus mid-bridge might look better.