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Your website navigates pretty well, but there are too many images. I think you should cull them down a little and that would help a lot. It might actually be the only problem when all is said and done. I also don’t understand why there are galleries and portfolios, both of which have some of the same images, but many in the galleries aren’t seen in the portfolio visa versa. Kind of strange and disorderly. I got lost digging a few times and found myself a little put off by it all.

a lot of your images seem to be taken mid day, and with an eye level POV like any sort of passerby would take. Sort of gives them all a tourist snap shot sort of feel. Your black and white conversions need help, very muddy black and whites, but this may be more due to bad mid day lighting/conditions than processing. I can’t be certain because PP isn’t my strong suit. Maybe someone more knowledgable in that area will pop in and give some help/input.

Not getting a pro “this guy knows what he is doing” vibe at all. Like I said before declutter a bit by editing your images down, and it may work a lot better. No need for multiple shots of the same subject unless the composition is vastly different.