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There’s the occasional better photo in there but most still look like my parents holiday snaps. I don’t think it is impossible for one or two of these to sell but I’d honestly be surprised if the advertising agencies etc couldn’t find a better photo of what they want. The problem is that your photos look like a beginner photographers take on landscape photography with a kit lens. Nothing I’m seeing here suggests to me this was taken with anything better than a entry level m4/3 camera with a kit lens. There’s no dramatic wide angle shots, there’s no clever use of foreground in photos, it seems that the lenses aren’t stopped down enough and used at hyperfocal distance, there’s no long exposure. There’s very little use of leading lines, there are no unexpected or interesting vantage points, there’s loads of clearly legible number plates (clone them out), few of the landscapes look crisp (don’t think this is your website but rather haze in the shots, are you using a polarising filter?), I’m not seeing use of symmetry. Obviously not every shot needs all of these this but most of your shots don’t use any of them. I’ll have to agree with IHF, there is nothing here you couldn’t achieve even if you weren’t interested in photography and your budget for a camera was £250.