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I think WCS may have a point.  I clicked through a number of them fast enough that every few I had to wait for more to load.  They seem to have a sameness to them.  A lot of them seem to be taken from the same vantage point;  I came, I stood, I shot, here’s the photo.    Looking at a random photo (/G0000GAvPSYy13hY/15), I have to wonder what it was you wanted me to see.  It was cold out, there is early or late light.  There are apartment buildings.  Some water.  Some trees.  A few houses.  What do you want me to see/think/feel.

Here is one of my photos that people seem to like so I hope WCS will think it has some “wow”:


It was taken from the hallway leading to the washrooms at a restaurant called Wa San Mai, in Causeway Bay, HK.  I’m sure thousands of photos have been taken of Causeway Bay.  I think there are fewer of this view.

I like night photos, or at least I like well done night photos.  I looked through yours.  This is one I like from those you posted:  /G0000ix26I3k7Wto/3.  While number 4 is from almost the same spot, it just does not work as well for me.

I think the thing I like about night photos is the clarity, sharpness and burst of colour.  A lot of yours seem to be somewhat soft and muted.  In the case of 3 & 4 above, 3 has a strong leading line and interesting curve.  The light has some vibrancy.  4 on the other hand is mostly headlights and tail lights taken from an overpass.

What we like, may not be what you need if you are shooting for stock.  Usually stock purchasers have something in mind and if you have it, you get the sale, if not, then you don’t.  Thumbnails that jump off the page may help, but not if the customer is looking for a subdued scene.