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London-100-0016.jpg reminds me of the cottage, I can relate it to some of my photos but being shot in summer, in Ontario, the air is clear and sky is blue.  I have a definite preference for photos in good weather, though bad weather makes some shots.  I like night shots right after a rain when the streets are very reflective.

London-58-0023.jpg, given a choice of the shot as is, or taken on a clear day, I suspect I would prefer the clear day photo.

London-14-0017.jpg is a nice scene.  Good looking row houses!  The sky suggests a more distant shot would not have the clarity.  I like it.

London-74-0031.jpg, doesn’t do as much for me.  I’m not a fan of most B&W.  Again, like all of these, it is a personal preference.  There are leading lines and the bridges look level.  It has kind of a cold damp November, feel to it, but that’s probably something that comes from my experience/imagination rather than being reality.

If you sold them once, I would keep them unless you have space limitations.  You may sell them again.