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Thanks for your feedback. To answer your questions, I mostly shoot aperture priority. I use full manual mode when I use my Yongnuo speedlight because it’s fully manual and it’s not a TTL. I do bracket my shots, but I don’t use the light meter in my camera as much. I know, I need to use it more! I think I’m doing bracketing all wrong because I make my adjustments, take a shot, look at my LCD screen, make more adjustments, and then I continue the cycle. This probably slows down the process and looking at my camera’s light meter would be much easier. (I tend to make things harder on myself. LOL)

I shoot in both RAW and JPG, but since I started using Lightroom, I rarely touch my unedited JPG files. I prefer Lightroom over Aperture because the transition to Photoshop is easier with Lightroom. I start my editing with Lightroom, and if I need to do more retouching, I open the file in Photoshop.

I’ve been told that I’m good with the overall composition. I just need to work on making my photos stand out in a good way!