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These are all great. I’m a big fan of many of these mentioned. Weegee is one of my favorites. His pictures are rare and timeless. He was doing things no one was doing at the time…even now. The children sleeping on the fire escape is just incredible.

Of course, living and dead are welcome. Another of my favorite dead photographers is Horst P. Horst: http://www.horstphorst.com/works.php

The way he worked with light and the human form is so inspiring. He’s one of those artists who you can tell his work from a mile away. There is a print of Mainbocher Corset is sitting amongst a still life in some interior designers studio in Manhattan and I was shooting on location there several years ago. That was my introduction to Horst. While I didn’t’ really care much for the still life itself, I found the image to be captivating. I spent hours on line trying to figure out who the photographer was.