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Wow, wow, wow. WCS, Cameraclicker, Bill, and Jim-e thank you so much. Yeah, lighting I am learning is key. Cameraclicker, I like your allegory “Photography is literally writing with light.” I’ve never thought of it that way and it explains yet so much. Jim-e, ouch! I never shoot in program mode, and it has been a while since I even shot in aperture or shutter priority select. The Lee family was my first family shoot. They are friends from church and understood they were test-subjects. Also I ‘attempted’ to use my flash as a filler but without actually understanding what it does at each setting and how to control it??? I will check out the resource link you provided thank you for that.

Oh, for the record my university is UCF. I am actually in the process of advocating they change their course-load to accommodate more classes in photography, as they currently only require you to take six in the field of choice (photo), even more bizarre is they only offer three photo classes of which you repeat? Thankfully, I have gained the ear of one of the assistant directors and he is sympathetic to the cause of expanding the course offerings within the program.

Either way, again thank you for our feedback. I hope I can implement it sooner rather than later.