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Costaltog has pretty well summed up the flickr page so I’ll have a go at the webpage design.

The circle idea just doesn’t seem to work. Especially with the pics you’ve used on the front page. The baby at the top is hardly in the image and being new born looks more like a piece of chewed pink meat. Add that to the close up pic of a fly at the bottom  and I doubt you are getting the effect you were aiming for.

The three circle images on the services page look a little odd, maybe if you had a whole line of circles across the page it wouldn’t look so bad. But generally, trying to fit images into circles is never going to look good.

The portfolio page looks messy when it opens, none of the images match well and the navigation is not obvious. When you click on am image you get to see that none of them are sharp enough to go full screen ( and I’m on a laptop! ). I clicked on the pic of a wedding cake which had a lot of black background , which made the navigation controls invisible, if I’d clicked on this shot  first I’d have been stuck on that page forever.