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Vamp – I looked at your entire gallery on DA. This is a forum of mostly photographers, not laypeople (laypeople = folks not tortured by the ISO-Shutterspeed-Aperture triangle)  so the critiques you get here will be different.  I have dabbled in weddings (although they’re not my favorite).  Check out http://www.susanstripling.com/blog.cfm or http://www.kristenweaver.com/# for some work of women who are getting it done.   If you have the creativity then you have most of the work done BUT the the technical side MUST be mastered before you can make the vision in your head happen in the camera.  There are several different portrait photographer past and present to learn from. Hell, you can even learn from the old master painters.  There’s nothing new here. Study their work, how light falls and how it translates into your vision.  But study study study….You’ll never learn it all (which is why photography is such an all consuming obsession).

Don’t give up the fight. You will get better if you keep working.