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I’m being told by my professors and the career services of my school to try and get as much experience as possible, so I kind of have to listen to them and offer some sorts of service. They drill into you “Don’t wait til you graduate to start finding clients, do it now before”

I only shot for that specific bride because she was a friend. I am completely not surprised of her reaction, knowing the girl’s personality. She would not have been happy with ANYONE’s shots, because she wasn’t happy with that day (her family sort of overruled her on several decisions).

Only reason I’m ‘defending’ is because some of the shots that were critiqued were indeed snapshots, up on my dA so the subjects can see themselves in their cosplays they worked so hard on. They are watermarked since dA unfortunately has a rep for attracting art thieves… And if you look on the deviation page it says what the image was shot with, and choosing a cellphone image to critique? Of course it won’t be as good as even a point and shoot.

It is a long term goal, one I’ve been working on for the past four years, and the race is simply called: Student Loans. Retail won’t cover those unfortunately