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Vamp, I’m honestly not trying to pick on you here, but… even your bride didn’t like her wedding photos and requested a refund.  (after reading your reply to Steph, I went and looked deeper)  http://vampireketsuki.deviantart.com/journal/What-do-I-do-252339803  Now you have photographers saying there’s a problem with them as well. PLEASE!  Slow down, and just be a photography student, and learn the craft before shooting for others.  Yes, photography is an art, but you are offering a professional service when doing portraits/event photography and shooting for others.  Don’t be in such a rush to get the experience BEFORE you have the basics of photography down.  Take a deep breath, learn from your mistakes, just because you are a faux now, doesn’t mean you will forever be one.  You can do this, and do it right.  Don’t defend your shots that you blew, instead, listen to the advice and critique given to you, and push yourself to learn how to correct them.  No more excuses!!!  Get out there and prove to yourself you can do better.  Shoot for yourself, learn, grow, get to know your camera inside and out, and THEN seek out the experience needed to go pro.  Imagine having confidence in yourself and your skill level BEFORE you shoot your next wedding or event, and imagine how much better it will go and FEEL with the foundations of photography firmly behind your belt, along with maybe even some second shooting experience as well.  Right now you need to keep your eye OFF the prize and concentrate on the technical aspects, because without that, you have nothing, and will continue to flounder about as you have been.  So you want to be a professional photographer, can’t this be a long term goal?  There’s no race