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Wish there was a way to quote on this forum… would make replying a heckuva lot easier…

Images 1-4 were at an anime con, and I was getting their costumes… Except for the last one, they were snapshots… For the posing in image one, if you’ve seen Mary Martin’s Peter Pan, that’s the exact same pose both ladies struck as the boy who never grew up. As for the bags on the ground, she had nowhere else to put them, and I wanted to capture her entire outfit. The second was a ‘WTF? The stand-up comedian has a cosplayer?’ taken quickly before leaving the room to go to another panel. The third I’ll agree I could’ve had the background less in focus, and the fourth, well it was the beginning of the end of my camera. It refocused at the last second before the shutter released…

“Not So Joy” aka the fifth image, was actually taken for a class assignment, to practice using reflectors. We were supposed to get it that dark, and the lightening in the shadows is a gold reflector.

“Man Up” was a cellphone shot, uploaded to my gallery on a whim. Again, dA isn’t my professional portfolio, and I wanted to give tips of the ‘behind the scenes’ look at how lighting was set up by my teacher, to hopefully help other people (and remember myself)

Thank you for the compliments on the tunnel. The ISO was high since I had no way of knowing how bright it would be in there (it was basically a plastic bounce-house without the bounce, all lit from the sun which was going in and out of the clouds)

For the wedding ones, 18 was taken just after the flower girl had a meltdown, but that often happens with weddings so I captured both good and bad (my mom for example remembers that the flower girl fell asleep under the altar at her wedding, and she wishes she had even a snapshot of that). 12 I’m going to assume because you don’t like the selective color (which I did miss on her ear a tad, I’ll admit) but the bride actually requested it. I also remember looking through other wedding albums and seeing the back of the hair shot, to remember the hairdo. As for 5, I took it without flash, but unfortunately caught someone else’s, so I had to make do with what I had.