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While my computer was getting a new HDD put in, I saved a bunch of recent stuff to a flash drive, but it took FOREVER to write to it… is that normal? It was a cheaper drive and was only used for temporary storage, so maybe quality changes depending on brand. It just didn’t seem like it would hold much either. I had a 16gb flash drive. I’ll have to rethink that someday.

With DVDs too, I heard that their projected lifespan for data storage could be as little as 10 years, and much less when exposed to heat or sun. When I give a client a DVD of their images I tell them it’s their responsibility to save them to their computer. (In my contract, I state that I am guaranteed to keep their images for 6 months from the time of the shoot, though I do keep all my stuff, I just say that to cover my butt if 3 years from now they say they lost their disk and I don’t have the photos anymore.)