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you are making me even more worried about it than I already am.  lol

I really need to buckle down, and get serious about this.  Ya know what really got me going, and thinking “I have to do something about this now!  No more procrastinating”?  My family started watching Walking Dead, and there was a scene about when the (whatever happened. Apocalypse?) that the women grabbed their family albums, nothing else, just their pictures.  And it made my heart stop.  Yes, I have albums, but so so so much on my computer and on discs.  Enough that it would make me cry if it were lost.  I can just picture myself lugging around my Mac trying to run from zombies while I look for power sources. Lmbo

Back up service…I might  just do that


Ive been organizing by year too, so maybe that will help me out in the long run.


maybe I’ll make some albums, keep a disc with them, and get a couple externals.  Then just be more organized and vigilant from here on out.  UGH this is gonna take forever! But it’ll feel good when I’m done, and be totally worth it.