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Well that takes me back!  I used to crew on a sailboat named Hagar.  The spinnaker was hot pink and the owner got us all hot pink T shirts to match.  I arrived shortly after some other crew on a foggy morning and I could see them from 3/4 of a mile away while everything else was white!

At least the gigantic shoes appear to be in focus!  Not that you could tell if they were or weren’t from thumbnails but they are not obviously out of focus.  Working from thumbnails, the photography looks pretty good.  The woman seems to be in focus and reasonably well lit.  The backgrounds and glitz are a bit much but the question is, was the masking well done?  As ebi’s link from another thread (http://www.vogue.com/magazine/article/storm-troupers-hurricane-sandy-service-men-and-women/#1) demonstrates, even a big name like Annie Liebovitz can produce work of questionable taste.

Transportation has modes for all tastes, or at least all budgets, from walking to a Rolls Royce and private jet.  Perhaps so does photography.  If you could wave a magic wand and do away with all the fauxtogs, would their customers step up to the next level of photographers, take the photos themselves, or just not bother at all?