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If he was doing graffiti in the 1960’s, he must be retirement age.  That would suggest most of his career involved film.  The birthday party at the top of the link you provided was in a difficult room.  The ceiling seems to match the walls so bouncing a flash would not be effective.  Scrolling down, his fencing girl seems to have similar lighting in most photos, even though she seems to be in a studio.  Going through some of his other blogs I found a couple of bad links and a lot more photos that have too much flat light.

So, my question for Mcian98 is, do you want an internship to learn photography?  Or, do you want an internship to learn the photography business?

If you want to learn the business of photography — how to get a shoot, how to deliver your photos, scheduling, bookkeeping, and the rest of the more mundane part of the photography business, this guy can probably deliver.  If you want to learn to take beautiful portraits, you might want to find a different mentor.