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If you are in school, you are a student, not a fauxtographer.

If your subject gets too close to a short lens, distortion happens.

In addition to Flickr you might look at 500px.com for inspiration.

Backing up your files is important.  Backing up your files is now relatively inexpensive.  I was at Tiger Direct this morning and noticed their WD 3 TB USB external drive was $140!  They work with notebooks or desktop machines.  If the file is on your computer’s main drive and on a couple of external drives the chance of losing it is reduced.  For important files people get a couple of the drives, copy their data then move one of the drives to another location, like work and home, or put one in a fireproof safe that is difficult to steal.  You want to protect from three main events, mechanical failure, theft, and fire or flood.  If you go the fireproof safe route, remember fire can cause structures to fail and firemen frequently cause a flood while putting out the fire.  Hard drives do not like mechanical shock, too much heat or water.