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She’s an adorable subject, but the quality of the photos I would not yet consider “portrait” quality. There is distortion since a point-and-shoot has such a small lens, there are some focus issues, the white balance is off, and some have a lot of distractions in the background. As long as you’re not advertising yourself as a photographer or charging clients, you’re not a fauxtog. You’re taking the right road by going to school and studying up on the subject. Huge step in the right direction, as most fauxtogs have no education and typically they say it’s not even necessary. A lot of colleges will loan/rent cameras. See if you can do that for a week at a time or a weekend and use your friends as practice models. Make sure you put the camera in Manual mode and play with the settings yourself. Take what you’re learning in class and keep a notebook to remember what all the settings mean. That’s what helped me when I was in college. I had my little cheat notebook and I often referred to it! lol. Just keep doing what you’re doing and once you feel you have a good understanding, maybe start doing shoots for friends and family. Just take it in steps if you really wish to be a portrait photographer in the future. You can’t fail as long as you keep making yourself improve.