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I would suggest you do a few more sessions for free until you’ve built up a slightly wider portfolio but also sorted out some of your issues.

First off, your website is arranged in a really bad way for someone who is looking to use you as their photographer. It would make a lot more sense if you split it in to categories rather than sessions. I would also strongly advise ditching the mahoosive watermark you have on your photos. On facebook yes but not on your “own” website, it just looks insecure. Who is going to steal your photos? Secondly, offering colour and black and white versions to the client is fine but showing them both on the website offers nothing. Personally I don’t like seeing B&W and colour on the same page, it is jarring. By all means have a black and white section if you want.

Coming to the actual photos there are problems with them as well, some as they were taken and some that are afterwards. I see you are going for the low contrast hazy look which is popular at the moment. Problem is that you aren’t doing it consistently, even within one session. Secondly you have some focus issues. I see both front and back focussing. Are you letting the camera select the focus point or are you doing it manually?

You have done well with the lighting and the feel of this images though. I think you are doing well but could use a little more practice and also be a little more self critical.

I looks like all I saw was natural light which is fine but some shots (like the two girls on a blanket in a forest) would have been better with a little fill light from a reflector on a stand.