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Well, I’m only a learner myself, but a couple of things I notice are:

In the window one were the older girl is holding the baby, the light is too strong and consequently bleaching out the whole top of the babies head. Having nets/voiles on the window to diffuse/scrim the light and/or shooting at another time of the day when the light source isn’t so direct and harsh etc. Monitor the light throughout to see when the best time of day to shoot at that location is.

With the burger, and this may sound finickity but I think the presentation of the tuna (?) lets down the image, in particular the way the mayo(?) is ‘blobbed’ on the top. It would look so much nicer if the zig zags were more sweeping and fluid (I hope that makes sense). I appreciate that this may have just been your meal, but generally food photography requires a higher level of precision and the way the food is ‘styled’ and composed is very important to this. There are some really nice food photography groups on flickr, which I think will be useful for you to check out. ¬†Also I think it needs more light on the right hand side of the frame.

I agree with Nesgran about putting the images in categories too, at the moment it seems a bit disorganised.

I really do like the image of the baby in the stripy top and dad(?), that’s lovely.