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Going through your galleries, I’d say you’re a faux.

You definitely jumped into it too quickly before learning what you need to learn.
Your images are inconsistent… Just look at any of the sets of photos you have – none of them have a similar feel to them.

You have a couple of colour photos (colour is usually desirable when dealing with children because colour and kids just go together) mixed in with a lot of underexposed black and whites, sepia and then some weird sepia green-toned style. Out of 11 photos on your “Adult Photography” gallery you only have 2 colour photos. Why are you so scared of colour!? It wouldn’t be a problem if your B&W’s were amazing, but they aren’t!

Screams faux (even if it’s in your “random shots” category)

This images is green and has a HORRIBLE vignette.



Why do you have an iPhone screenshot of a website as a portfolio photo?

All in all, I don’t think you should really be paid for what I see on the site. I know it seems harsh, but it’s what I feel.
I’m very impressed you’ve landed the job you did with the work you do – so good job on you.

If you are able to, I would definitely take a hiatus from getting paid for your images and take that time to relearn.
I don’t think anyone should ever give up though, you obviously care about it.

One of the biggest things that has helped me was this website. People started pointing out things that I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.
Go through the threads here, and see what people nit-pick.
More specifically, any post by ebi (although crude) is a good place to learn.

Keep shooting, stop charging, and just enjoy it!