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I’m sorry Megan… I don’t think photography or writing is your thing. If they are, then maybe a break from business and some time taken out to learn both creative arts is in order. You shouldn’t be charging for either service I’m afraid. I know this sounds mean rotten and horrible, but, it’s only pure honesty on my part.
Lots of run on thoughts, skipping from third person, to first person, and back again. Many typos, and problems with grammar and punctuation. You are conveying a certain immaturity and novice, that I’m sure isn’t intended.

Lots of misuse of light
Bad expressions
Bad exposures
Bad focus
Bad posing

It looks as though you are carelessly just snapping. Even though you say you aren’t, it doesn’t show.

I think if you are truly serious, a few steps back, and learning the basics to both artistic mediums would help you tremendously. Apply yourself, and work harder at learning, good things will come. Good luck to you