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I wrote a long post before basically saying the same things as the guys above and a few more. You have an awful lot of photos of the same bench with different people and it seems that the bench has some kind of out of focus force field around it. Virtually every single shot of the bench you’ve put focus on the bush behind rather than the eyes of the people. You have lots of photos of more than one person where one or more are out of the dof or moving. You need to be a lot more critical about what shots you put up on the webpage.

As for weddings, avoid them. You don’t have enough gear to do a good job of it, you may want to invest in a better main camera and then sell off a few of the other ones. A D700 or even D600 would work well and would make a lot more sense with the 24-70 lens. The consumer grade 70-300 needs to go as does the D70 and probably the D3200 as well

You pricing structure is also overly complicated. Why specify how many permitted (your wording) outfit changes you can have? It will only eat into their time with you and they may end up taking half an hour extra if they faff a lot with dress changes