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Nairbynairb covered quite a bit.

From your post:

I am not sure I want to continue with photography for much longer. I always said I wanted to work doing something I love..and truthfully, my passion for photography is fading.

So, if writing is your thing, you might want to spend some time organizing your thoughts and figuring out paragraphs.

“Adult Photography” has a certain connotation, like “adult movies”, so you might think about a title that hasn’t been co-opted by industry.

Anyway, the top photo in your Adult Photography gallery is rotated 90 degrees CCW.   Her strap is showing.  The one below that has a green tint, which is OK for the hedge but not so good for the woman’s skin.  Down a couple more, and the tint is yellow.

In Weddings, why do we get to the last photo before discovering the guy has an expression other than “pissed off”?

Watch your backgrounds!  What is on that sign in the background, right side?

You are a journalist?  I’ve looked at a dozen of your photos and none of them told a story?  Why is that?

You might want to have an editor take a blue pencil to the copy on your page.    For instance:  “Let’s work together to create many photographs of yourself that you’re satisfied, happy and pleased with!”  Really?