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Just went to your website to give my feedback I’m far from a pro but maybe it will help.
The ‘Little Ones’ gallery look like candid and snapshots. The kids is looking up at you and your not down on their level. I see your daughter is your main subject but try to take picture of other children like friends and family. You don’t need a sepia and color version of the boy. A little posing a good background will make a image 10 times better.

The Corporate looks a little better the man and woman on the wall is out of focus and the kids at the bottom seem out of place in that category.

The family category need more color and you should work on your cropping like not cropping fingers and hands. It looks like you got a favorite bench at the park. Get the kids standing up and running around if that’s what you want. Tell jokes get them to laugh and not have force smiles.

I first thought Adult photography was nude so maybe change the name to portraits. The girl in the bathing suit looks like something different from the rest of the album. She have to be a model so she know how to work the camera and pose. The rest of the people need work its your job to pose them and again too many black and white. The man standing on the tree could of been a nice shot but his hoodie draws my eyes towards it. That’s why most photographers prefer simple solid clothing.

That’s just my take. You came here to learn which is good.