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Maybe I didn’t word myself properly. I wasn’t insinuating that you were promoting your photography services in your blog posts for registry rebellion. Just saying I found it odd that you chose to write about a subject you don’t know much about. “I had a wedding once, and I’ve been a guest at a few weddings too. I think I’ll write blog posts about wedding planning and whatnot based on my wedding expertise.” AND found it odd and a little dishonest that your photography blog also implies again and again, that you are an expert with lots of experience when giving your readers/potential clients advice, and promoting yourself.
What if the author of “understanding exposure” never even owned a camera and just winged it with tid bits he’s heard/read here and there? Would that sit well with you, even if the information seemed to be accurate? Or would you expect the author to know, and practice regularly what he/she writes about?
This isn’t me accusing you of anything, or bullying you in anyway. I’m just trying to help you see things from a deferent perspective to try to give you a better direction and a way to improve upon what you say you love to do. One of the first lessons in writing is “write what you know”. This isn’t meant to limit your subject matter, it’s meant to improve the quality of your writing. But, you didn’t want advice on your writing and feel good enough is good enough. Fair enough. It’s just when someone comes to a photography forum and says they are losing their interest in photography and writing is more of their thing, you expect to find their writing is far better than their photography. You expect to see the interest, talent, and passion to show in their work. It was quite shocking to find out otherwise. I think that’s why some of us couldn’t help but say something.

You came, asked if we thought you were a fauxtog, told us about yourself and how you felt about things, asked for opinions and feedback. We all took the time to look over your work, read what you had to say, and gave you just that. I’m sorry if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear. Receiving any sort of criticism is difficult. We’ve all been there. But this in NO WAY makes us bullies, or any other names you want to throw out there. I hope with time you can see things more clearly, and less full of anger, and maybe come back and ask questions about your criticism and what you can do to improve your focus, improve your black and whites, etc. asking questions like “why was this a bad pose? What could I do to improve this shot?” And so on, might be quite helpful to you. At the very least I hope you look in your manual and learn all your AF settings and how to select focus, and maybe google some of the terms and points that were made here in this thread. Then again, after reading your reply, you may not be ready to hear anything negative, and are still believing what you tell your “clients”, and what your friends and family say to you. That’s ok too. Either way, the ball is in your court.