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Just for clarification, you started your first post with the following:

I am both a photographer and a journalist…though I’ve always been much more of  a writer.

How could you not expect to be criticized on your writing if you profess skill in that field? That’s as asinine as the sign language interpreter for Mandela’s funeral service. Pro tip – if you claim to be good at something, prove it. Also, I find it difficult to believe you haven’t come across similar reactions to any of your work considering you write for several NY newspapers – they tend to reject with caustic impunity.

Like many before you, instead of asking the person who left you a brief, nasty critique to expand on that and possibly learn or discuss further, you decided to take the defensive route and have a pissing contest regarding your many accomplishments. I fail to see how this helps you improve – both as an individual and as a photographer.

There will always be haters. How you decide to handle those people will be how you are judged.