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Having said that, I didn’t write my original post here or the post I’m writing now with the best grammar, spelling, etc. I wasn’t trying to be fancy or impressive. Also, the content on my website wasn’t meant to be literary prize material. My website isn’t intended to showcase my writing work. I wrote a rough draft with all of the necessary info prior to publishing it live, and then I submitted it to a friend of mine who teaches Cinematography at Stonybrook University College. He edited what I wrote, added some things, subtracted some things, etc. I’m sure there are still some mistakes, but I doubt that my potential or existing clients are reading my website content trying to find spelling or grammatical errors. They are simply trying to find out more about me, my company and what I offer.

Everything you publish, everything you wear, what you drive, the friends you keep are all a reflection of you.  You may not like it, less so when it is you being negatively judged, but people judge all the time.  Even you judge.  Any potential customer looking at your page will look at your photos and read your text.  What image does your page present if the images and text are not your best work?  Why would you not put your best work on your page and strive to deliver that same quality of work to every customer?

To sum up, I do need improvements. I am not perfect. However, I don’t think I (or anyone else on this site) deserved the mean words that each of you said. Constructive criticism is what I was in search of, and I certainly didn’t receive that. I feel like I was badgered by a bunch of high school bullies. To those of you who actually gave me feedback and suggestions, thank you. To those who simply told me that I suck, go to hell.

If you have read through any of this site, you should have figured out we are not here to stroke your ego.  Many of us, however, have spent time and energy to offer considered opinions, not just on the photography but on business issues, how you are perceived, and what makes sense to us.  You need a thicker skin!  You haven’t been badgered.  You have received some valuable advice, for free.  Even those who have simply said “You suck!” have provided some valuable information.  Most people who look at your work and think “You suck!” will simply move on without saying anything, and without throwing any money your way.  People who take better photos than you do, and who have more work experience, have taken the time to look at your work and provide some honest comments based on what you presented.  That is much more valuable to a smart person than people blowing sunshine at you.

Go in peace.