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“Yes, if you are going to print them, you would have to raise the exposure on my images by ~.5-1-stop and raise the shadow values in camera raw by ~+75 to achieve the same brightness appearance when printed as it would appear on a monitor with a backlight”


Can I just say that it is refreshing to have someone (especially as young as you are) know there is difference between a web file and a print file?  I struggle with this because I sell on a POD and I’m in search of another because the POD I just left kept adding products to all my images (like mugs and crap) without notifying me first.  I would find out by making sales “Someone bought a tote of your image blah blah blah”.  WHAT?!  The file wasn’t even aligned properly, and there’s no way it worked well on that material.  Most PODs do not allow you to upload two files.  One for web display and one for print/products, let alone a separate file for each type of material used.  So I find myself not sharing as much as I would like due to incompatibility.  One size does not fit all.  I wish it were that easy

It’s also something not discussed very regularly in photography forums and groups.  It’s almost treated like a dirty little secret hahaha

David, finish.  Finish large.  Experiment with different materials and papers metal, glass, acrylic.  I’m telling you, more than just two of your pictures deserve to get made