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emf, ihf,

I think you guys got it right on the bulls eye. Although the majority of the pieces are paintings, they all look oddly similar to mine xD I did a bit more research on “rukenfigur” but not much came up. I suppose it’s because its not a very popular form of portraits (as you may say).

I suppose you could literally just call them, a landscape/scenic portrait mashing it up aka portraitscape haha

Ebi, I’m developing my site and I just switched to a better host yesterday. I think I forgot to include http://www.davidvote.com in the DNS setup. www is a subdomain and actually isn’t part of any standard – no reason why it should be required anymore but people still type that in because its a tradition. I’ll get that fixed whenever.

As for displaying these in galleries, whatever happens happen. I don’t know what I want to do with my images yet. All I know is what I want my images to be.

PS, what does ‘all the “a/uls”’ mean?