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“Where am I going?”

the million dollar question.

Right now, I don’t think you need a concrete direction.  Just keep creating, and maybe your direction will become clearer and clearer as you go.  I could see your pictures selling as fine art.  I sell some of my pictures to help support my habit.  No profit made, because I take any money made and get more pictures finished, buy a new lens, new lights, materials, etc, but I’m not going in the hole.  I create when I feel like it without pressure, and only to please myself, and only share those that I think people (not just the ones that love me) may enjoy.  I’ve flirted with the idea of getting more serious about selling/marketing but it doesn’t appeal to me very much.  Maybe someday I’ll be up to the task.

just remember that even though lay people (meaning those that don’t get into photography) don’t “get it” and kind of harp and nag you to put monetary gain ahead of anything else by saying things like “why do you do it?  What is it for?  You should be in business”, and my personal favorite “you should be doing more with your photography”… It doesn’t mean there is no value in shooting just for you.  I know that it’s complimentary when people push like this, and I’m proud that my hobby pays for itself, but why must a dollar sign be attached to something to make it worth creating In the first place?  I think this is what gets new photographers off track so quickly.  They are told over and over every time they share, by well meaning people in their lives that their photography isn’t worth anything unless they charge for portraits and events, even if they are far from ready to be for hire.  They are dead wrong.  Shooting for the pure love and joy of it, in my opinion, is way more fulfilling and the very best way to learn and improve how you convey with your camera.  Some things in life really can just be for ourselves, and not have any reason at all for it, other than, it feels right and good to us.

so when I say “keep going” it just means, keep creating, I think this medium suits you