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It would be greatly appreciated if you could pull some images off my site and crop them as examples on how I could improve my images. When I first started photography, I followed the rules of thirds and the golden ratio a lot, but lately (these past few months) been liking center composition more and more. But that is subjective! Which is why I created this thread. I want to appeal to as many people as possible haha..

emf, I’ll go with your suggestion and move looming to a different location on the page or even to another section, maybe misc.

I hate fauxtography, really appreciate the kind words. Yes, if you are going to print them, you would have to raise the exposure on my images by ~.5-1-stop and raise the shadow values in camera raw by ~+75 to achieve the same brightness appearance when printed as it would appear on a monitor with a backlight. So its not just you who’s having problems.

These were the two images that I printed out:

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View post on imgur.com

These are the only images from me that I can see someone hanging on their walls 😛

Based on your’s and elf’s input, I think the best middle ground would just to move looming somewhere where it wouldn’t be next to oceans.

Rattlesnake was cool when I made it, but I guess it’s not anymore since it is just mediocre compared to some of my other images.

My question is to you, where am I going? Photography is just something I do as a way to keep me from feeling apathetic — I think my tendency towards apathy is a major reason why my photos always come out so dark. I have zero desire to make money off of it.