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@emf  which one would you think I should omit? Each of the photos I have on my featured page has a reason for being there. The message between “looming” and “oceans” is different. Not too long ago, I went to the coast for the first time, and I was just overwhelm about the vastness of the ocean and the scale of it. It was so violent and yet it’s so majestic at the same time. That was what I wanted to capture when I took the picture. Looming, while its the same composition as Oceans,  I wanted to show how minute you are compared to the world. How insignificant.

Thanks for your feedback! But portraiture is not what I’m going for in my photos. I just call them portraits because they are pictures with people in them. But people were and never the aim of my photos, the message, the mood, or the concept is the main subject of my photos. However, I really appreciate your feedback. There is no need for your disclaimer. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and their opinions is what I’m looking for in this thread. I just want some honest feedback from various people; which is what you did.


P.S. I’m also a hobbyist photographer