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I can’t speak intelligently about the artsiness of the works – that’s subjective.

OBJECTIVELY, however, when doing portrait work it’s a good idea to have your subject in the foreground – almost all of yours are clearly not. Some portrait photogs will even tell you to fill the frame with the subject’s face. I had a difficult time trying to decide where you INTENDED the focal point of the shots to be – it should be obvious to the viewer – instead of “ok, there’s a flag with a grey sky & tilted horizon line and the girl is looking down, on her knees, and it’s way underexposed. What’s the point here?”

The one real portrait-ish (red hair and blue eyes) seems a stop underexposed and too much saturation / vibrance on the right eye.



I’m a dad first, a husband second, a doctor third, and a hobbyist photographer VERY distant forth. In the spirit of ‘take everything with a grain of salt,’ please don’t google me and launch into a diatribe of unpleasantness on twitter or FB with “who are you to tell me?!” or perhaps “let’s see you do better work, bozo.” I’ll go on record now that I’m no one, and I can’t.