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as for the watermark do you not mark your photos?

Generally I don’t.  Usually my photos have EXIF data and my more recent bodies write a copyright notice into the EXIF data, which survives editing.  My own web pages, Flickr, 500px, and several other sites where I post all retain EXIF data, so there is no strong need for a watermark.

If I post anything to Facebook, I will definitely add a watermark because Facebook strips EXIF data.  I will add a watermark if posting to another site that strips EXIF data.  I haven’t thought a lot about the watermark.  I think I might use the URL of one of my web pages, probably the page the photo appears on.

Sometimes in the threads here, a comment will be made that the photographer is not the “main” photographer because the group is not focused on the camera.  To look into the camera, or not, that is an ongoing question.  I direct as little as possible, and often when I am directing the main two points are “look over there” and “I have a wide enough lens, there is no need to lean together, stand up straight and spread out a little”.  Usually photos of people are better if they are engaged in doing something, even if something is just someone else waving at them.  Other times, a subject looking directly into the camera can be quite engaging.