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Worst Case Scenario

I think your biggest problem is that youpic site! I too wondered why you so bad at cropping until I clicked on a pic and got the full image. No one who’s serious about photography would want their pics displayed like that. Dump that and get a flickr account.

I liked what I saw, even the spot colour is subtle enough to get away with. There’s some focus issues and the BW conversion on some could be improved but I think you have a good eye. Now you need to start finding good photos that aren’t of your kids!

eyedocs points are valid, so many people think that putting a watermark on an image will make it look professional. I am a professional but hardly ever water mark my images because by the time they get onto the internet, I’ve already been paid for them. ┬áThat said, I didn’t actually notice your watermark on first viewing and had to go back to find out what the fuss was about.

It’s a standard problem here that people ask for critique and when they don’t like the response they demand to see the work of the critiquer. That attitude (and maybe the water mark) are your only faux traits.