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let me say it again I have only been shooting for less than a year….

I agree that “Little hearts or thumbs up on photos posted to a social media photo site don’t make you a photographer.” although it does mean total strangers find something nice about your image…. thats why I dont take photos for other unless they are my friends and ask me to, in which case I dont charge.. hence all of the photos of my kids.. I didn’t mean to come off as you hurt my feelings you didn’t i just found it ironic that you would give such a harsh critique being that only 5 months ago you admitted you werent a professional photographer..

I also never claimed to be a professional photographer, I only asked what was thought of my images I have taken thus far with less than a year of practice..

So again I wasn’t trying to be rude, Or hurt your feelings.. I was just saying that I would take your advice with a grain of salt considering you admitted you were not a professional and I had no photos of yours to reference.

as for your gut feeling, your entitled to that, but I feel like your being somewhat rude in stating you wouldn’t hire me, I wasn’t asking you to nor am I asking anyone else.. I was asking for opinions on my photos..

so again I will thank you for you opinion and leave it at that.

as for the watermark do you not mark your photos?

While I am not a professional, they are my images, and so I mark them as so, In identification with my personal blog. They may not be the best but they are mine and I’m ok with them for now.. Im sure as I grow I will look back and thin man those are pretty sad.. but everyone starts with some images..

So I just think it would do more good for those learning, as you said you your self are, to give constructive cc, rather than just be harsh and say what you dont like.. I’m sure your first images 7 years ago were the same as your images today. .