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ok thanks for your opinion.. I’m confused on what you mean by chopping off necks? Also I guess black and white is a preference and not yours.. I tend to really like black and white. Did you view the photos by clicking on them? youpic does crop the images on the first page.. unless you click full view. As far as the water mark goes.. that is from my personal blog.. which is more a diy design.. I just decided to use it also on my photos since they are on a public form, not that anyone would want to use them, but if they did they are marked.

I also am not a big fan of selective color.. the eyes of my daughter were done like that on accident actually, I had added a tiny bit of green to them in light room later changing to black and white the color was left in.. I didn’t notice it until after export.. I have been debating of going in and removing it again or leaving it as is. I have gotten mixed reviews on it.. It is my only “selective color” photo I have..


I am surprised of your pretty harsh critique considering you are not a professional by your own admission, “I am an eye doctor, not a pro photographer. But that being said, I started practicing this art some 7 years ago when I realized I could not keep up with my active daughter without some photography knowledge. 65,000 shots, later I think I’ve learned a few things.”


so needless to say as I can no longer view your images, since the account has been removed, to see if I think your advice is something I should take to heart. I think I will take it with a grain of salt. Especially since you offer really no solutions other than complaints.. but again thanks for you opinion.