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Generally enjoyed the photos.  I will address a few specifically.

sundown princess (15 of 15) is a bit blown out and a bit cloudy due to contrast and exposure.  It is not my favourite look but having just come back from two days of seminars given by many professional photographers including at least three that have been published in National Geographic, I can report they have a few with similar light and exposure in their slide shows.  This would be a stronger photo if the camera were panned right a few degrees so the whole shoe was comfortably in the frame.

sundown princess (12 of 15) feels like the camera is tilted a little.  The dress is blown out on the sunny side, it would be better if it were not blown out.  She could be a little further into the frame.

selfie has lens flare.  Selfies are difficult unless you have a camera that has a preview screen that faces you.  I think it is a pretty fair photo.

I like IMG_7542, although the light on her face is pretty flat and it looks like there is a film over her.  A lot more mid-tone contrast would help.  How you adjust mid-tone contrast depends on the editor you use, it is different than overall contrast.

#need a better camera 🙂 has nice light.  It is another I like a lot.

IMG_6604 is a cool way to get a panning blur without having to practice panning.  I think it worked well.  There is an unfortunate bar in the upper right corner.

IMG_6021 could stand a bit of mid-tone contrast, and there is a light flare at her stomach which makes no sense.

ryker bath (12 of 14) has the fingers cut off; one of the many photos EyeDocPhotog is complaining about.   B&W needs really good light, good tones, and strong graphics.  In a lifetime of looking at photos, I can count those B&W photos that have had enough impact to be memorable on my fingers.

camilledavis182 is the spot colour photo.  The lashes are sharp.  The iris is sharp.  The eye colour is quite muted.  As spot colour goes, I think it works pretty well done like that.  It might work better with a different crop.  Perhaps one eye, or two, but not one and a half.

The watermark is a strange name.  Like EyeDocPhotog, I’m not sure what you are trying to say.