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The disk is supposedly ALL images shot, and as I understand it, untouched. You don’t get digital copies of his edited stuff. That you have to pay for, ala carte, or in his packages. To be fair you only get that with his ‘black label’ wedding package, which I believe (i’m trying to remember) was over 5 thousand dollars. On top of if they sell anything else on top of it.

The crooked images are on his blog, the first post, at least it was. They are too subtle for me to believe it was intentional, and it’s all architectural based, like bride and groom in from of a pretty buildings doors and stairs listing to the left.

He has much the same idea as Cantrell. He prefers not to print the smaller sizes at all. He charges 50 dollars for each 8×10, 5×7, or 4×6 to try and avoid it. Cause I don’t know many that would pay 50 dollars for a 4×6.

It’s an interesting business plan, and I see why it works, it’s just crazy and I find him so so. Better then me, but for that money, so so. He showed one images where he cut in a sky, or something, and it had some of the worst halos around the buildings. And that was done by his outsourced editors.