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love the way the dog is popping in WCS’s version.

Additionally, i’d get rid of the grass on the beach too.

The messiness of the beach is bothering me a little too…which..reminds me of another story

I was on a different job in the caribbean working with this photographer who wanted to do a beach shot. It was to be for the cover of the magazine and the beach was kind of busted. He wanted to smooth the sand on this freaking wide shot of the beach and thought we could do it with a few 5 gallon buckets. We had to mask off beach to find the edges of his shots and then work from the furthest point towards the water, all the way to the camera. We’d get some of it looking ok and then someone would walk over it. We did our best to tell them not to walk there, but the people would get angry at us. About half way through getting it looking marginally better, the fucker decides to change his angle. Long story short, I asked him when we were close to getting done if he liked it and he said, “Not really”. I fucking lost it, threw the bucket at him and said “fucking do it yourself, then”. We shot the shot, and they ended up not using it. I was so pissed.