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I tend to think people want me to just rush through and get them home then I rush and make stupid mistakes ( like not adjusting my aperture for dof). It’s a mess in my head sometimes.

You need to remember that you are there to make great photos for them, not get them in and out the door quickly. Take your time. If you are having issues and need to clear your head and figure shit out, tell them “Just give me a couple of minutes while I take a look through.” They’ll wait. You should always be clear on that. If you are struggling, they are most confident in you when you can definitively say, “I can figure this out”. Best not to let them know you are struggling though.

But anyway I wanted to overexpose because of the black dog that I knew was in the shade of their bodies. Sometimes I do think, just not always on the right things.

It would have been easier to open up the dog when exposing properly than to bring everything down. or better yet, bring the dog around to sit in front of the girl to kind of hide her bad pose. It’s easy to say now, obviously. Do you have an assistant with you. I choose my assistants based on what they bring to the table. I was working with an assistant yesterday struggling to get the light right and I didn’t even bother to ask him what he thought. Luckily he said, “Why don’t we do this”. He did it and it was genius! Could have saved me a lot of headache to ask his opinion earlier. He spoke up when he realized I was getting nowhere. My point is that two heads are sometimes better than one and even better if that second head is smarter than yours.