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Ebi, thanks for the post 🙂 I can’t remember between the three edits I did trying to get it right, but if I’m remembering ( I can check for sure) I didn’t bump them, I exposed for them and had to bring down the background. I first tried the radial graduated filter thing that’s new in LR5 but it had mad halo, and light room isn’t the best for me with fine tuning. So I chucked that one ( well I saved it to practice on later but eh) and then tried a regular graduated filter to bring back the clouds, and theadjusted….levels i believed…oh wait i did mask them out of the levels layer, sothat counts. Nevermind. And minor other stuff the mute the mountain a bit.

My tablet is being eh at looking at your detail shots you pulled so I’ll look moreindepth at those tomorrow on the desktop. I used to have a wacom, backwhen I was drawing, but it was almost ten years old and conked out on me 🙁

Thanks against. ks