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The horizon is listing towards the lower right just a smidge, I only know cause there’s a weird coding error on this page with my tablet that gives me a horizonantal bar floating in the middle. Yea the dof was a sort of gut reaction to the lens I had being stoopid soft at wider apertures. It wasn’t the best choice to shoot at 8 or 9 with so much going on. I should have opened it up a bit and I probably still wouldn’t have had to worry about it being soft.

I have a few that are cropped in tighter,I just sort of liked the whole area. I completely see what you all are saying though. It does sort of feel separate. I can try the graduated filter, this has one already to pull in the cloud detail, so I can fumble around and see if I can alter the dof without it looking cheesy. Thanks for looking 🙂