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I agree with everyone here.  I think the very best thing that you could do for your photography right now, is to stop shooting for others, and shoot for yourself, and your learning process.  Get the basics down, and get to know your gear, how to focus, how to color manage, manipulate/use light etc.  I don’t say this to be mean or spiteful.  It’s just that it’s really hard to take on business AND the basics/fundamentals of photography simultaneously.  When shooting for others (wether for money OR for free) the technical side of things tends to take a back seat, while customer service, marketing, gear and other expenses, people skills and props, posing etc etc become the main focus.  It just won’t work.  Think about it.  It becomes more about shooting franticly, trying your best to not miss moments, and then trying to edit the select few to make them interesting, rather than working on your skills.  Be honest, how many times have you forgot to even change your settings during a session after your location/light changed?  Most people don’t have the patience to stand/sit there and wait while we fumble around with our settings and equipment. That’s why it’s important to go into it already with an understanding. When we are hired it is expected that we know what we are doing, or at the very least know more than most. So we work fast, to make them happy, without taking the time we should be taking to teach ourselves.   You have to have your foundation built first if you want any chance at succeeding at business.  I’m afraid if things stand as they are, you’ll end up following the same foot steps as other fauxs who skipped the most important step to starting a photography business, becoming a photographer first.  Fauxs eventually burn out and fall out of it entirely OR they chose to take the steps necessary to do things more productively, and honestly, and take down their price lists, start saying “no” and buckle down.  Learn the exposure triangle, know how to work your camera like it’s just second nature, take the time to learn proper color management, go on to learn good editing techniques, learn DOF and how it affects our photos,and how to work it to your advantage, learn about composition, and how light affects your photos and adds dimension and mood, and flatters your subjects.  All these basics can be and should be learned without soliciting to/marketing to, or using the public.  Use objects, chairs, vacuums, stuffed animals, still life, ect to learn exposure, lighting and DOF.  Use family members and close friends to learn posing in a more direct practical and hands on way.  Practice practice practice and when you are done, practice some more.  You can do THIS!  It’s takes some dedication, and it can be quite frustrating, and lack that creativity we are lusting after, but without the basic foundation there… it’s all for not anyway